These cookies give us the chance to show you product reviews so you can make a more educated decision when it comes to purchasing. They also assist our websites performance which in turn creates a greater shopping experience for you.

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Barilliance allows us to recommend products to you based on what other users with similar on-site browsing activity look for. This saves you time in your search for a specific product.

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These two cookies are used to check if your browser will support cookies and also register and report your actions on our site. They measure the efficiency of ads and your journey after you’ve clicked on one. The benefit for you is that these ads will be more relatable and relevant to you in the future.

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CS Cart

The CS Cart cookies main function is to create an easier shopping experience for you. It ensures that everything from our layout to check out runs efficiently and smoothly.

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These cookies are used by Facebook to deliver a series of product advertisements based on real time bidding. They would be related to products you may have an interest in, in turn helping you find your product more quickly.

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Google uses these two cookies to create a unique ID that will be assigned to you. Each time you visit the site it will remember your preferences such as preferred language and products per page. They will also show you customised ads.

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These cookies track your time spent on each page, the number of visits you’ve made and where you are searching from. They also track you across multiple devices, enhancing your shopping experience in the process.

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Harvey Norman’s cookies are all geared at creating a greater shopping experience for you. They create a unique ID for you that will track and remember your previous visits and behaviour. They also preserve your stats across pages and register what ads you have been shown.

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iPerceptions Active Research Platform

We like to constantly improve our website’s performance so it becomes easier for you to use. This cookie lets us understand your experience with us and as a result, provide you with more relevant content.

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Preserving your stats as you go from page to page, this cookie tracks your behaviour and in doing so, improves your visit to the website.



Live Chat allows you to interact directly with an agent via messaging where we will assist you with any issue or query you may have. The cookies we use during Live Chat hide your personal customisation of Live Chat, tell us when you last used it or to simply allow us to talk to you via messaging.

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This cookie allows us to share our website pages via Pinterest and track what visitors click on. This gives us a greater idea of what visitors want to see which will in turn make it easier for us to find you the right products.

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These cookies register anonymous user data, such as geographical location and what ads the user has clicked, with the purpose of optimising ad display based on the user's movement on websites that use the same ad network.

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SLI Systems

SLI provide the software for the ‘search’ function on our site. When you visit the search box at the top of our site and put in your search term, they will manage this process. They provide us with all search related data - such as what the most popular search terms are.

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Simply put, these cookies save your stats across page requests. They enable you to freely browse our website and add products to your cart. They also allow us to recognise frequent users.

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