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Woolmark certified - AEG washers and dryers combine elegant design and supreme function readying your laundry in a way that’s best for you and your clothes.
Thanks to features like SensiDry, ProSteam and OKOMix technology, AEG washing machines and tumblers now go far beyond cleaning and drying to keep everything from dress shirts to everyday casuals looking like new for longer. Innovative functions like Pause+Add, which enables you to add to your load after the cycle has started, also make them easier to use than ever before.


AEG’s exceptional range of cooking products helps you to take taste further. Understanding why heat creates taste and texture allows you to explore the potential of every ingredient.


AEG’s range of cooling products improve the taste of your dishes before you've even started cooking. Fruit tastes fresh-off-the-vine, meat is always tender and leftovers taste just as delicious as a freshly prepared meal.


Clean with ease using an AEGcordless vacuum. Or capture any pet hair with one that also protects from allergens. With all our AEG vacuums, experience great dust-pick up, whatever the surface.

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