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Highlights of the Miele Hobs

  • Energy Efficiency in all Areas

    With Miele hobs you save not only time but also energy. In comparison to a hob with radiant heat, a Miele induction hob uses up to 30 % less energy for heating up. Miele electric hobs also know how to use energy efficiently: the quick ExtraSpeed function uses no more energy than conventional HiLight hobs despite 35% quicker heating up times.

  • Easy-to-Clean Ceramic Glass

    Ceramic glass is very easy to clean. Splatters and other types of soiling are easy to remove thanks to the smooth surface. It is particularly easy with induction hobs as the surface remains relatively cool and hardly anything can burn onto it.

  • Turns off if no Cookware is in Place

    With induction hobs, if a pan is not placed on the switched-on cooking zone or the pan is not suitable, the energy flow is interrupted or not started at all.

  • Residual Heat Indicator

    Miele hobs have a residual heat indicator for every cooking zone. It reminds you not to touch a hot cooking zone or to place any heat-sensitive items on it. Also, it enables you to use the residual heat in order to save energy.

  • Safety Switch-off

    A maximum operating duration is defined for each power level. If a cooking zone is operated for an unusually long time at the same power level, it switches off automatically.

  • Safety and System Lock

    The safety lock function prevents inadvertent changes to the chosen power levels during cooking. The system lock protects from accidental or unauthorised switching on, by children, for example. This function can be activated on a hob that is switched off.

  • Overheating Protection and Fault Monitoring

    Every cooking zone is equipped with overheating protection. This automatically switches off the heating element of the cooking zone in case of extreme use before the ceramic glass or other components can overheat. If liquid or another item gets onto the surface by mistake, the hob automatically switches off as well. So you are always protected from unintentional power adjustment.

  • Efficient and Safe

    When cooking with induction, heat is generated only where it is needed: in the bottom of the pan. Cooking with induction is particularly efficient, as no heat is lost. And it is particularly safe as the ceramic glass remains comparatively cool.

  • Pan Size Recognition

    With induction hobs, the size of the pan is detected by the cooking zone, and energy is only used on this area. This ensures the most efficient use of energy.

  • Permanent Pot Recognition

    If crockery has already been placed on one of the cooking zones, the numerical keybank is activated automatically immediately after the hob is switched on. This makes manual activation of the cooking zones unnecessary.

  • DirectSelection

    All cooking zones are controlled using a central numerical keybank. Power levels and times can be selected directly, quickly and intuitively. Particularly convenient: Durations and the timer are easy to set.

  • Conectivity 2.0

    Thanks to the future-proof automatic function Conectivity 2.0 you can concentrate fully on cooking. In addition to switching the cooker hood on and off Conectivity 2.0 automatically adjusts the extraction power of the hood to what is happening on the hob and thereby ensures a pleasant room climate. With Conectivity 2.0, the cooker hood communicates with the hob via wireless technology. TempControl hobs do not require the additional transmitter stick.

  • PowerFlex Induction

    PowerFlex zones are particularly versatile and flexible. Whether individual cookware, particularly large pasta pans or oven dishes: they can all be used without a problem. The unsurpassed speed is unique, with to a booster output of up to 7.4 kW. It goes without saying that PowerFlex also features Miele's tried-and-tested TwinBooster technology.

  • Stop and Go

    Is there somebody at the door? With the Stop&Go function all cooking zones can be reduced to power level one with the single touch of a button. In this way the hob can be left unattended for a short period without food overcooking or burning. When you return to the hob, the previously set power levels can be reactivated with another touch of a button.

  • Keeping Warm Function

    With this function you can keep dishes warm in an ideal way, regardless of the amount. By intelligently monitoring the temperature in the base of the pan, food is kept at serving temperature without burning. So you can concentrate on creating the rest of the menu.

  • Auto Heat-up

    This Miele automatic setting turns down the heat from its initial power (for fast heating up) to a lower temperature (for further cooking). This way you won't forget to turn down the heat in time, and food will not burn. It also saves energy.

  • Programmable Options

    Basic hob settings can be easily adapted to individual needs. For example, the response speed of the sensors can be changed.

  • Flexible Cooking Zones

    Miele hobs offer cooking zones and burners in different shapes and sizes. This allows you to use pans of every shape and size on the hob. Many hobs offer additional large extended zones.

  • Timer

    The hob timer helps to make everyday life in the kitchen more relaxed. For example, depending on model, you can set the duration for your cooking zones separately so that they switch off automatically or you can use the minute minder independently of the hob functions.

  • SmartSelect White

    This feature allows you to select power levels and times particularly quickly and intuitively. These controls harmonize perfectly with the design of the Generation 6000 user interfaces. The white displays are of particularly high contrast and even easier to read. In addition, hobs with SmartSelect White controls have the same convenience features as SmartSelect - for example the easy-to-use time selection.

  • TempControl

    TempControl guarantees consistently perfect cooking results when frying and stir-frying. A simmering setting and three frying settings with ideal temperatures are available for this. Thanks to constantly maintained temperatures there is no need to re-adjust the power settings. Simple operation as well as safety takes precedence – as nothing will burn on.

  • Recall Function

    You unintentionally switched off your hob but realise it immediately. If you restart it within 10 seconds, all power levels and time settings you previously selected are still present. Your cooking process continues without interruption.

  • Food Warming Plus

    Miele induction hobs are equipped with a keeping-warm function which keeps food at the perfect serving temperature. In addition, appliances with TempControl allow gentle heating up of cold food, such as stews, without burning or sticking.

  • Smear protection

    With the touch of a finger it is possible to block operation of the hob for 20 seconds. All settings are kept in place. The running time is clearly displayed on the timer.

  • SmartSelect

    This feature allows you to select power levels and cooking times quickly and intuitively. Each cooking zone has a numerical display with yellow backlighting. This makes the display easy to read from all angles. Timer durations are also easy to set with a separately controllable minute minder, safety shut-off, and a 3-digit display.

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