Our Price Promise

At Harvey Norman we know good prices are important, and you want value for money.

Being great value is very important to us!

We don’t like to be beaten! Although we regularly check prices, it may be that we’ve missed something. Make sure you let us know if you find a cheaper price, and we will try our best to look after you. You can email or telephone us, or talk to us in store.

At Harvey Norman we promise to never be beaten on a price. If you find a cheaper price just tell us and we’ll match or even beat it. We even match our competitor’s sale prices.*

Our online pricing reflects our philosophy of always being competitive on price.

If you visit our stores, our staff are empowered to make decisions on price, so they can look after you when you call in. Store managers and their teams are encouraged to run their shops as if they were their own and are motivated to keep their prices sharp; they want to look after you.

Buying products in a bundle can be a good way to save some cash. Visit our stores today and ask us about putting together a package with everything you need.

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*Our price match policy applies prior to or up to 7 days after the date of purchase, and applies to advertised or online pricing for competitors who have a physical retail store anywhere within Ireland. Items must be in-stock at that competitor and be identical in brand and model to the one offered. You must supply us with full details of the competitor’s offer, or a current copy of the competitor’s advertisement. This policy does not apply to offers that involve bundling of items, free items, limited quantities, negotiated prices or quotes, clearance items, or purchases made on consumer finance. When matching retailers online pricing – as outlined above – we will consider relevant delivery costs, additional taxes and charges, and extra costs of payment method.

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