TV Buying Guide

When choosing a TV the main things you have to consider are:

Screen Size

The best way to judge the best screen size for your home is to have a fair idea of how far away from it you will normally sit.

Tip: A rule of thumb is to measure the diagonal size of the screen and triple it. The average size TV screen we sell in store is 42 inches. So 42 x 3 = 126 inches or 10.5 feet.

If you normally sit this distance away then a 42 inch TV is the ideal size for that room. If you are closer then go smaller and further away go bigger. The reasons for this only become apparent when you have the TV set up in your home.

In the case of a screen that is too big you would notice that you have to move your head to keep track of things moving on screen and not just your eyes as is the case when you have the correct screen size. With a smaller screen this can lead to eye strain and a less than enjoyable viewing experience. So before you decide on a screen size measure how far away you normally sit from your current TV screen and divide it by 3. This brings into mind the position you may want to consider for your new TV.

Room Position

In our stores we display and stock the different options you may want to consider. Wall brackets and TV stands come in a range of different sizes and functions allowing you to mount it on a wall and then extend it out and tilt it at an angle. Our sales advisors will go through the different options in store depending on the size and position of the TV in your home.


The resolution of TV’s these days is generally very sharp. There are HD Ready, Full HD and now 3D which require special glasses. With any of these options and depending on the screen size you may want to consider the source of your signal. The normal terrestrial TV signal you receive now is most suitable for a 28 inch CRT TV (CRT - the type with the big back in the kitchen) There is a difference when receiving this signal on a 37 or 50 inch LCD or Plasma TV and you may notice a drop in the quality or sharpness of picture you have been used to up until now because of this.

Tip: Consider upgrading your signal with a digital signal on offer from a number of companies in Ireland. Again, staff are on hand to assist you with a choice in this regard.


Don’t take for granted that all TV’s come with a good sound system. Ask the sales advisors to demonstrate the volume and quality of sound on a TV.

Tip: Picture is only 40% of a home entertainment experience; Audio is 30% and a comfortable seating position taking up the rest which is discussed in our other Buying Guides.


A very important and often overlooked aspect of a TV is the connectivity. You have Sky HD, a Playstation 3, A Blu-ray player, an Xbox 360 and a Laptop. You take your new TV home and discover you only have 3 HDMI connections. Consider the appliances you have or plan on buying in the near future when choosing a model. HDMI splitters are still relatively new to market and quite expensive.

We have a further Cable Buying Guide also that may interest you in this regard so you can identify what you may need and also help you to understand what our sales advisors will discuss with you regarding your new TV.

All in, the look of the TV is going to swing most opinions and help to make most decisions. Hopefully asking a few of these questions will help you to choose a more suitable model for you and let you get on with enjoying your home entertainment.


John Mulligan

Harvey Norman
Airside Retail Park, Swords


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