How To Give An Element Of Space

Even though a room is small, it's possible to make it look more spacious. You don't have to crimp on style, but just make some adjustments that will work in relation to the room size. Following are some tips to help make a small room look more spacious.

Remove anything you don’t need

Get rid of clutter. It not only causes stress, but it also takes away from the spaciousness of a room. Get rid of any clutter in your small room. This alone will help make a visible difference. Look around at accessories you have in your room. Are there too many knick knacks or one too many pillows you could do without? Maybe your walls are covered by several pictures or paintings. Decrease the number and allow more of your walls to show. Simplify and only keep what you really need in your small room.

Furniture in Proportion

When buying furniture for a small room, be sure to keep the size of the room in mind. It's very tempting to buy an oversize-size and comfy couch when you see it in the shop without knowing it if will fit in your room. You may be tempted to buy a king size bed because of the comfort, but it will take up most of the space in a small bedroom or it may not fit in there at all. Be sure to take measurements of your room before purchasing new furniture. Buying furniture in proportion to the room will give a much better appearance. A love seat and a couple of chairs may be the better option in a small living room. This also gives you more options in being able to rearrange furniture than a full-size couch. You could add in stools for extra seating. Try to find pieces that serve multi-functions. Corner desks and entertainment centers can work well in a small room and create a more spacious look. You'll have storage room, but more confined. Using furniture that goes from the floor up high works well in a small room as opposed to wide furniture. This gives you more storage space and the lines of vertical furniture gives the illusion of a more spacious room.

Walls and Decorating

Avoid dark colors on walls in a small room. Light, neutral or bright colors work best. Anything with print such as wallpaper border or wallpaper tends to make a room look smaller. Mirrors can work wonders in a small room. The illumination creates a sense of more space.


If you have windows in your small room, let the natural light shine through. This gives a more open feel. Use light curtains instead of heavy drapes. If your windows are very small, use lamps for plenty of lighting. With careful planning your small room can look and feel beautiful.

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