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Sofas, Recliners & Lounge Suites

Whether it's a leather lounge suite or chase lounge, we'll take you through the important factors to consider when choosing a sofa. Get great tips on buying dining furniture, bar stools, TV units and more.


Recliner Buying Guide

Some of today's recliners are full-on entertainment units, with built-in phones, fridges, massagers, heaters, and more. Determine what you need and what you can do without....

How to give an element of space

Even though a room is small, it's possible to make it look more spacious. You don't have to crimp on style, but just make some adjustments that will work in relation to the room size...

How to create a warm living area

Choose warm colors for the space. Paint should be in shades of red, orange, or brown. The challenge will be choosing a color that is not too dark...

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