Virtual Reality

What is
Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality or VR as it’s called, is an artificial environment that creates an immersive experience that the viewer perceives as a real environment. VR can be computer generated or from real imagery that simulates your physical presence in a virtual place. With VR you can walk with dinosaurs, take a trip to the Amazon or stand in the middle of Times Sq, all from your living room.

VR Camera

A VR camera records video in 360- degrees, so when you view it on a VR headset you’re fully immersed in the environment.

VR Headset

When you put on a VR Headset you can only see the VR environment. When you move your head you can explore all around the VR world.

Computer Hardware

For the best VR experience you will need a compatible computer.


VR is best experienced using headphones; VR also creates an immersive audio experience


VR is great for gaming as it transports you into the game. It is also a great way to experience places you’ve never been, for personal or educational purposes.

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