Which Washing Machine? - Buying Guide

 Things to Consider when You Are Buying A Washing Machine!


1). What size Washing Machine do you require?

The most important consideration of a washing machine is its capacity; it’s measured in kilograms.

  • A medium-sized washing machine is 6kg to 7kg, enough for a family of four.
  • As a rough guide, an 8kg washing machine will take a load of approximately 40 shirts.
  • Your washing machine will last for years, so plan for the future and consider possible changes to the size of your family.


2). Settings and Programs

Washing machines have adjustable wash and temperature settings, which let you safely, wash more types of clothing. Buy a washer with a setting to suit your clothes.

  • Selectable spin speed means you can choose higher spin for shorter drying times or slower speed for delicates.
  • An anti-crease function either uses a special cycle for easily creased fabrics, or doesn’t spin after the final rinse.
  • Load sensing detects what type of clothing, how much of it and even how dirty it is, before creating a wash cycle to suit.


3). Water and Energy Efficiency

  • More efficient washing machines will typically be more expensive to buy, but in the long term they can save you a lot of money in comparison to a basic and less efficient model.

4). Check for Noise

  • Washing machines get louder as they spin faster. It might be important to have a quieter washing machine if for example, your utility room is close to your living area or if you live in an apartment and have neighbours who have a tendency to complain. The noise of washing machines are measures in Decibels Dbs, the lower the Db level, the quieter the washing machine.


5). Keep it Steady

Washing machines are very heavy and can vibrate, so their legs must be strong and wide enough to distribute the weight evenly.

  • The machine must be level at all times for it to work properly.
  • As most laundry floors slope towards a drain, you should look for a washer that has adjustable legs.
  • Some washing machines have an out-of-balance correction feature that automatically detects and redistributes the load.


Other Features that might be important to you!

  • Wash Speed: If you require a speedier wash function, some washing machines are a lot faster than others
  • Extra Rinse/Warm Rinse: The extra rinse options may have its benefits. The extra rinse function can be useful if people have any allergies to or sensitivities to washing powder. A warm rinse will leave your clothes warn at the end of the wash. This will make them easier to dry afterwards.
  • Stackability: Some washing machines offer this feature. Essentially it will allow you to to place a dryer on top. This type of feature would be suitable for those who have limited space in their household.
  • Time Delay: This allows you to load the machine, and then have it start at a time of your choice. Typically this would be to take advantage of cheaper electricity rates. At night time for example, energy rates are much cheaper
  • Tub material: There are 3 types of tub material to choose from  
      • Plastic -  This material is durable and the least expensiv
      • Porcelain Enamel – This is the most common, but has a tendency to chip and rust
      • Stainless Steel –This is the most durable, but it is also the most expensive.

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