How to prepare a good Coffee

To talk about espresso coffee means to talk about a beverage that has unique and incomparable characteristics. The undisputed protagonist of this preparation is obviously still the coffee, but the choice of the right blend, and of the perfect dosing grinder and espresso coffee machine remains a prerogative of whoever prepares the coffee with experience and passion. Only a careful selection of each one of these elements makes this coffee - traditionally served at the bar and today, thanks to the new machines for home use, at home as well - an actual cult item. Espresso coffee is a true experience for the senses, but it is fully enjoyable only when the technique is complied with, when nothing eludes the control of the person who prepares it.

The best? That with a fine cream and a hazel brown, almost streaked, colour, with an intense, complex, refined aroma, and a velvety soft body. How can you recognise it? By training your senses: tasting espresso is an art


The perfect espresso according to the Italian National Espresso Institute

Here is the profile of the perfect espresso, as defined by the Italian National Espresso Institute, an organisation that safeguards espresso around the world and promotes its culture:

  • Portion of ground coffee needed: 7 g +- 0.5
  • Temperature of the water at the group's outlet:: 88 °C +- 2 °C
  • Temperature of beverage in the cup: 67 °C +- 3 °C
  • Water input pressure: 9 bar +- 1
  • Percolation time: 25 sec +- 2.5 sec
  • Milliliters in a cup (includine the foam): 25 ml +- 2.5

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