Your Guide to Electric Blankets

When is it Time to Replace Your Electric Blanket?


It is important to keep safe while using your electric Blanket. The following are a list of danger signs that it is important to take note of. If you encounter any it is vitally important that you replace your electric blanket immediately.


  1. Scorch marks or discoloration marks appear on the fabric of the blanket.
  2. The blankets fabric is worn or starting to deteriorate.
  3. The cord between the plug and the blankets control device has been damaged.
  4. The control device starts to make a Buzzing sound.
  5. The control starts to omit a smell when turned on.
  6. Wires are visible or starting to protrude from the blankets connector.


How to Store Your Electric Blanket!


When winter is over and mild weather conditions return, you may not find a need for your electric blanket until the weather dips once again; in this case it is important to store your electric blanket safely and in the right conditions.


  • Let the Blanket Cool be before you fold if for storage
  • Don’t place heavy items on the blanket while it is being stored
  • Do not use any moth proof chemicals on your blanket under any circumstances
  • Loosely fold or roll it in a towel or plastic bag and store the blanket in a cool dry place.


Finally, always remember………


  1. Never use the blanket while it’s still folded or creased
  2. Don’t use a hot water bottle at the same time as using your electric blanket
  3. Don’t touch the blanket if you have wet hands or feet, and never use the blanket if it’s wet or damp
  4. Ensure that you always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before use.
  5. Examine your blanket regularly for signs of wear or damage

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