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In A Nutshell: Play HD games, watch Blu-ray movies, connect to the Internet and view digital TV. The PS3™ is also a 3D player for movies and games.
Hard Drive: Choice of 250GB or 120GB.
A Few Games Exclusive to PS3: The Uncharted series, the Gran Turismo series, the Resistance series, the Killzone series and SingStar.
Connect to the Internet: PlayStation Network is a free (you'll need broadband Internet access) interactive environment where you can play games online, chat to friends and family, and surf the Web. Some of PlayStation Network's features include:

  • DVNZ Ondemand: Watch your favourite TVNZ programmes whenever you want on your own TV screen.
  • Vidzone: A music video application — free from PlayStation Store — that lets you stream thousands of music videos onto your PS3.

Cool PlayStation 3 Accessory:The PlayStation Eye is a webcam-style device for video and sound. Use it together with the EyeCreate editing software — downloaded free from PlayStation Store — to shoot and edit you own movies.

Cool PlayStation 3 Features:

  • Blu-ray: Plays BD discs.
  • PlayTV: Turns your PS3 into a high definition, twin-tuner Personal Video Recorder (PVR).
  • File sharing: Connect your PS3 to a PlayStation Portable and share content, like songs and photos.
  • PlayStation®Move: Enabled motion controlled gaming, control your actions with your voice as well as your body.

    The PS3 is a Good Choice For… Gamers, creative people and movie buffs.

    Xbox 360

    In A Nutshell: Play games, view DVDs, connect to the Internet and watch Pay TV.
    Hard drive: Choice of 4GB or 250GB.
    A Few Games Exclusive to Xbox 360: The Halo series, the Gears of War series, the Fable series and Forza Motorsport.
    Connect to the Internet: The Xbox 360 features built-in Wi-Fi (802.11n) for connection to Xbox LIVE, the online gaming and entertainment service, where you can:

    • Download or stream movies, TV series or games in full high definition 1080p and 5.1 surround sound.
    • Connect with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

    Cool Xbox 360 Accessory: The wireless microphones are compatible with most Guitar Hero and Rock Band games.

    Cool Xbox 360 Features:
    • Kinect: Xbox's motion-control system, which uses a camera — not a controller — to mimic your body's movements. There's a range of Kinect games involving dancing, sports, car racing and exercising.
    • Compatibility: Xbox 360 recognises most MP3 players and hard drives, so you can connect these and play music, view photos and watch videos on the console.
    Not-so-cool Xbox 360 Feature: Doesn't play Blu-ray discs (only DVD).
    The Xbox 360 is a Good Choice For… Online game enthusiasts and home-entertainment buffs.

    Nintendo Wii

    In A Nutshell: Interactive gaming for the whole family.
    Hard Drive: None.
    A Few Games Exclusive to Wii: Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports Resort and Super Mario Bros.
    Connect to the Internet: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection lets you play with other online gamers around the world. Built-in Wii Channels (some require broadband Internet connection) offer some interesting extras:

    • Internet Channel: Surf the World Wide Web.
    • News Channel: The latest international news, in easy-to-browse categories.
    • Forecast Channel: Weather information from all over the globe.
    • Nintendo Channel: An interactive guide to the world of Nintendo: watch trailers, product demonstrations, and gameplay videos.
    • Wii Shop Channel: Access all kinds of games, including WiiWare titles and the classics from NES, SNES, N64, SEGA Megadrive and SEGA Mastersystem.
    Cool Nintendo Wii Accessory: The Wii Balance Board reads the movement of your feet and brings your motions to the screen by sensing your weight and balance.
    Cool Wii Features:
    • Wiiconnect24: The Wii console can communicate with the Internet for constant updates, even when the power is turned off.
    • SD memory card slot: Allows you to use an SD card to upload photos and music, as well as back up and store game files.
    Not-so-cool Wii Feature: No hard drive, plus can't play DVDs, Blu-ray or CDs.
    The Wii is a Good Choice For… Children, families and large groups (parties, share houses etc).

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